Consumers with poor credit run a higher chance of denial when applying for a motorcycle loan. If approval is achieved, one can anticipate higher interest rates. However, bad credit is not the sole variable getting in the way of obtaining financing for a motorcycle purchase. Not having any credit also makes it hard. In fact, it is very common for lenders to put no credit applicants into the same classification as bad credit people.

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If you don't have a credit history, you have not had any sort of opportunity of proving your credit value. Prior to granting a loan, lenders will review your credit history. If you have been late or even worse, missed payments, you are considered a high risk candidate. Furthermore, if you do not have any credit accounts, lenders are not going to be able to judge your capability of repaying loans. Achieving approval for a motorcycle with no credit is possible; however, be prepared to pay higher interest rates and fees. You can help yourself by having someone with a positive, established credit history co-sign your loan for you. Or, you can utilize the tips outline below.

Using a Down Payment will Help if You Have No Credit
When purchasing a new or used motorcycle with no history of credit, it will help to have a down payment. Down payments are going to vary. However, the more you have, the better off you will be. Try and come up with at least 5-10% for your down payment. If you are really looking for the lowest interest rate possible, which will equate to low monthly payments, consider a minimum of 20% as your down payment. Read more about getting the best rates.

Bad Credit Lenders for a No Credit Motorcycle Loan
Traditional motorcycle lenders may be hesitant to loan money to people with no credit history. However, sub-prime lenders are usually willing to help consumers build credit. These lenders work with dealerships that participate in “pay here, buy here” programs. Utilizing the for your no credit financing is beneficial because we work with multiple sub-prime lenders and will be able to provide you with multiple offers. You will be able to compare rates and terms, and choose the loan that is right for your needs and budget. APPLY NOW!

Establishing Some Credit Quick
You can establish some credit fast by opening up a bank account, putting some utility bills in your name and/or applying for a credit card. Get more info about building credit.

How Credit Scores Effects Motorcycle Loans
Tips to Obtaining and Maintaining a Good Credit Score


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