No matter if your potential buyer is a dealer or private party, there are a standard set of rules to follow to ensure that your get the best price for your bike when selling. If you have any questions, or need help selling your bike, please contact us. If you are considering selling your bike online, check out Cycle Trader.

1 - It is always important that you keep your bike clean. Equally important is that you store your bike in a dry area. In the event that you do not have a garage, buy a high-quality cover. Never buy plastic because it will only attract condensation. When covering your bike with a cover, make sure your bike is 100% dry. Also, if you do not ride your bike for any extended period of time, give all metal parts a good shot of Scottoil Protector oil. Get more info on how to properly store your motorcycle.

2 - A bike that has all its standard parts will instill confidence in the buyer and will likely get your more money from your sale than if you had a bike with all sorts of personalized extras. For example, a bike loaded with performance parts that say 'shred' can create doubt that the part installations were done professionally. In the event that you want to personalize your bike while the owner, make sure you keep the original parts so that you can refit them when the time comes to sell. You will be able to re-sell all of the extras you took off, likely for 2/3 of their original purchase price.

3 - There are some inexpensive add-ons that will help you sell your bike faster and for more money. Having clear headlamp protectors  automatic chain lubricators, and fitted covers all indicate that you are a caring owner. Having hard luggage will also exhibit that you are a smart owner. However, hard luggage systems are expensive and can cost in the $1000 range. Make sure you cover your initial cost when selling your bike or if you decide to sell them separately.

4 - Be sure to keep your bike’s service record up to date, particularly if you intend on selling within its warranty period. Using a franchised dealer for reselling will ensure a high sale price. In the event that you have an older motorcycle, make sure you keep detailed records of everything you have done to the bike and when. Hold on to all your service item receipts, i.e. air filters and oil.

5 - Not only will having a high quality alarm system help lower your motorcycle insurance premiums, its also a very strong selling point.

6 - Be certain to keep receipts for all work performed to a bike – not just the servicing. If you have replaced tires or had a new shock, keep the receipts to prove the work and the fact that it has been done professionally.

7 - Examine your bike in the shows of a buyer. What are the flaws? If possible, repair any of these minor defects you notice. You can touch-up stone chips with colour-matched paints or nail-varnish. Screens that are scored can be easily with inexpensive aftermarket items. Aftermarket items like your chrome exhaust can be brightened with a good polish.

8 - Almost all of everyday bike damage is a result of stone-chipping. This can easily be prevented by using a roll of clear plastic. Wrap up your fork sliders and any forward facing surfaces – on bikes that are naked include the front edges of the tank; on bikes that are faired the belly pan’s leading edge and any other surface you see appropriate.

9 - Utilizing a mudguard extension may not make your bike look nicer, but it will protect the lower front and even the radiator from dirt and stone chips. Having a hugger on the rear of your bike is also a sensible purchase. It will help maintain the cleanliness of your the rear of your bike which will equate to less needed  polishing.

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