No matter what carrier you choose, you may be eligible for discounts on your motorcycle insurance that can dramatically reduce your premium. The two most common and eligible discounts are for safety and for experienced riders. Most insurance companies also offer discounts when you switch your coverage over to their company.

Below are some of common discounts offered by carriers to their motorcycle insurance policy holders:

- When you transfer your coverage to your new carrier.
- Coverage for more than one bike and/or if you also insure your automobile.
- Riders that have been on the road for several years.
- When coverage is renewed.
- For completing a Motorcycle Safety Foundation and even higher discounts if your are currently a Motorcycle Safety Foundation instructor.

It is also very common for motorcycle insurance carriers to offer discounts for riders in states where the seasons impacting their riding time. These type of policies offers winter discounts but riders are still insured for those occasional winter rides.

With the current price of gas, motorcycle riding has become more popular than ever. Its important that you obtain the right motorcycle insurance coverage for your needs. You don't want to pay for coverage that you do not need. You also want to make sure that you obtain coverage from a company that is going to be reliable, taking care of you and your loved ones in those times of need.

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