Beginner motorcycle riders need to consider the following information when in the market for their first bike. This article will help save money and will help protect them from major bodily injuries. You can also learn how to prevent bike theft.

Motorcycle Size
The size of the first bike you buy is very important. No matter what kind of physical shape you are in or how good of an athlete you are, buying a big, heavyweight motorcycle is a mistake. Large motorcycles are harder to operate. Not only will you damage the bike as a result of falling off, but you will also likely injure yourself.

You should always start off with a simple, inexpensive bike that will allow you to learn how to ride without getting hurt and without the worries of damaging the bike. Just make sure that the bike is in good running condition, has functioning brakes and tires and is insured.

You'll need lots of practice before you go out on the open road with traffic. Hopefully no major spills will occur. However, if you do fall, it is not as drastic crashing on a $700 bike as opposed to a $20,000+ motorcycle Also, once you become a more experienced rider and are ready to purchase a newer, nicer bike, you will likely have no problem selling your 'practice' bike for a price similar to what you paid, to someone in a comparable situation that you were previously in.

Buying Motorcycle Clothing
When saving money for your first bike, make sure you calculate the cost of buying motorcycle apparel and a good helmet. It is very likely that you will wind up paying more for your gear than your first bike....but it will be worth every penny! The difference between average apparel and good apparel can be your life!

Motorcycle clothing is for protection, safety and comfort. The most important thing that needs protecting is your head by wearing a motorcycle helmet. In some states, like Florida, it is not a mandated law to wear a helmet. However, even if you are the most experienced rider, wearing a helmet is a must! You can not control other drivers. Worst case scenario, someone plows into you while you are riding. Do you think the outcome will be better if you are wearing a helmet, or not?

Gloves are another must for first time riders. If you fall, and you likely will, your hands are going to hit the ground first. Let the gloves absorb the impact and road rash, not your hands.

You should also consider wearing full-length motorcycle boots. These types of boots will help limit the severity of foot and leg injuries if you fall. They will also add an inch or so to your height, allowing you to touch the ground with your feet when you are stopped.

A good leather jacket is another option. A jacket with vents is a smart choice. During the summer you can open the vents for circulation, and a liner can be used during the winter to retain your body heat.

Learn more about buying the right protective motorcycle gear.

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