More than 100,000 people are injured as a result of motorcycle accidents every year. In addition, more than 5,000 motorcycle passengers and riders are killed yearly in crashes.  A study analyzing motorcycle accidents called "The Hurt Report," reports that motorcycle crashes usually involve collisions with passenger cars and trucks. Typically, the motorcyclist's right-of-way is violated by the driver of the vehicle, resulting in an accident. Do you know what the top causes of motorcycle accidents are?

It is very important to seek medical attention the instant a motorcycle crash occurs. As soon as you have received medical attention, it is crucial that you establish contact with an experienced personal injury attorney that handles cases involving motorcycle accidents. Your lawyer selection can seriously influence the outcome of a lawsuit. The legal system has many ins and outs that are tricky for an everyday person to understand. A lawyer experienced with motorcycle crash lawsuits will be capable of assisting the needs of injured victims and their loved ones.

In a recent New York motorcycle accident lawsuit, a father of two was injured in a motorcycle crash and was not able to recover full compensation for the personal injuries he sustained. The man was riding his bike, when two cars ahead of him collided, causing him to crash. He suffered injuries that required more than $250,000 in medical treatment, also resulting in over $50,000 in lost wages.

The rider was counseled to settle with his insurance company for $45,000 and to sign a release that prevented him from filing any further claims in relation to the accident. No matter that the man was unclear about the release form, the settlement prohibited them from pursuing further suits in accordance with the same claim. An experienced motorcycle accident attorney would have been able to protect his interest and would have permitted him to move forward against any other potential insurance companies.

There is a term in the legal world called res judicata. This term means "the matter has already been judged." Meaning, if you file a claim against another party and a final judgment on the matter has been made, you typically can not bring another claim onto that same party again.

This above case is an example of how important that you utilize an experienced personal injury attorney when involved in a motorcycle accident. You want to make sure that you get every penny that you and your family are entitled to so that you can take care of all of your existing and future medical bills. You can use the free lawyer search of Find Law to locate a personal injury lawyer near you.

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