It is very easy for motorcyclists to fall under the radar of other vehicles while on the open road. You will hear drivers of cars say 'I never saw them' after they have hit a rider. The easiest way to avoid getting hit is to steer clear of the blind spots of the other vehicles on the road and always keep enough distant to allow yourself to react timely. You can accomplish this a couple of ways:

- Make sure the drivers of the cars around are visible. You want to make sure you can establish eye contact with them in their mirrors. This will mean that you are in their line of site. If you find yourself in a blind spot, do what you can to get out of it. However, if you need to pass another vehicle, proceed with caution.

It is important that you create a large enough distance between you and the vehicle in front of you. You need to give yourself enough space sp that you can get around any trouble that may come your way.

In the event that you are riding with a group of other riders, make sure that you leave yourself with enough room around you and ride in a staggered formation so that you can maximize your visibility.

Black motorcycles are nice, but they do tend to blend in with the surroundings. To help yourself increase the odds of registering in the peripheral vision of the other vehicles on the road, you should look to ride a bike that is brighter in color like a yellow, white, or even red one. Wearing bright reflective protective gear will also help you get noticed. In addition, for any gear that you wear, also choose light colors and try and find those that are treated with a reflective finish. Reflective finishes are especially great for night riding.

In the event that you do not own any reflective gear, you should consider taping reflective tape it to your helmet and saddlebags as well as any other section of your bike that you think would be beneficial.

- Always use the proper motorcycle hand signals when riding solo or with a group.

- If you find that the car behind you is too close, don't hesitate to tap on your brakes and show them your brake lights. If tapping the breaks does not increase the cushion space between the two of you, then change lanes as quickly and safely as you can.

- Motorcycles are designed to run with headlights on at all times. If you are not in a situation of blinding the oncoming traffic, turn your high beams and add an additional level of visibility for yourself.

Utilizing headlight modulators will improve your visibility. Headlight modulators are electronic components that allow lights to flicker or pulse in concentration.

- Studies have concluded that it is simpler to judge the speed of a vehicle that has two, spaced apart lights. The perspective shift assists in defining depth perception.

- Running lights will not only make you more visible, it helps the oncoming traffic calculate your speed, ultimately protecting your from making unsafe left turns.

- Never be shy to use your horn. It is very common for motorists to be distracted by loud stereos, etc. Using your horn can really make difference between safety and an accident.

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