Below are some safety-tips you should make a habit out of performing prior to every time you decide to go out for a ride. In addition to the info below, it is a good idea to read your owners manual to see if any important information needs to be followed before you take off. Different bikes have different precautionary advice. We also recommend that you read the riding safety tips and how to keep your bike clean pages.

1. Check to make sure that your lights, signals and horn are all in good working condition.

2. Check your bike's fluids including but not limited to gas, hydraulic, battery, oil, coolant, etc. and be certain that all of the levels are at a safe level for riding.

3. Make sure your wheels are aligned and properly inflated. Also make sure you have no loose spokes.

4. If you have a bike that is driven by a chain, make sure the tension is correct.

5. Occasionally check your engine area and frame for loose bolts and fasteners.  Always make tighter to what is specified in your owners manual.

6. Make sure your throttle is working properly and that it does not stick. If it does stick, check your owners manual to determine what the proper amount of lubrication is.

7. Make sure your brakes and clutch are operating smoothly. If they are not, check your owners manual to determine what the proper amount of lubrication is.

8. Examine your clutch, throttle, and brake cables (if applicable).  Lubricate or replace as recommended.

9. Check your front and rear brakes for proper operation, brake pads and shoes for proper thickness, and rotors and drums for smooth surfaces.

10. Always make sure your battery and its terminals are in good shape and are not corroded.

Following the safety check guide above should ensure the safest ride possible. It is also recommended the familiarize yourself with the buying the best protective gear. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. A good idea would be to read the motorcycle glossary to better educate you with terms associated with bike riding.

First time riders are encouraged to check out the section on learning how to ride a motorcycle professionally.

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