Wearing a motorcycle helmet while on the open road can make the difference between life and death in the event that you are in an accident. Even though some states do not require by law to wear a helmet, you would be out of your mind not to, especially first time riders. You can take all the precautions possible to be a safe rider. However, there is not much protecting you from other drivers.

View a map that breaks down each states motorcycle helmet laws.

Below are some facts on motorcycle helmets and the importance of wearing them:

In areas where it is law to wear a motorcycle helmet, survey have shown that 100% of riders abide. Whereas in areas where there are no helmet laws or with age specific helmet laws, only 30 - 50% of riders where helmets. All-rider laws are easy to enforce because of rider visibility and which has resulted in the increase in abidance.

- In 2007, motorcycle helmets helped save the lives of an estimated 1000 motorcyclists. In addition more than 500 lives could have been saved if all motorcyclists wore helmets.

- In 2007, more than 50% of motorcycle drivers that were killed in accidents were not wearing helmets. Of the passengers that were killed, more than 60% were not wearing helmets.

- Based on a recent study by the California Highway Patrol, wearing a motorcycle helmet is the the most critical factor in avoiding head injuries and death to riders.

- Wearing helmets reduces the chance of death by more than 1/3 and are 70% effective in preventing head and brain injuries.

- The hospital charges incurred by head injuries resulting for motorcycle crashes were more than 3x higher in 2007  than riders without head injuries, $50,000 vs. $16,000

- In 1992, the first year that California enforced the all-rider helmet law, 325 motorcyclists were killed in accidents, in comparison to 510 in 1991. That is a reduction in yearly fatalities of almost 36%!

- When Maryland passed their all-rider helmet law in 1992 deaths were reduced by 20% and 30% from '93 - '94.

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