There are so many things you can do to lessen the odds of having your motorcycle stolen. None of them are 100% foolproof, but if you take the following tips into consideration, you increase your chances of not becoming a victim of theft. In addition to the information on this page, you should consider purchasing a solid motorcycle theft prevention system.

Prevent Temptation
The less time your bike is exposed while not being ridden, the less chances a thief will set his eye on your possession. Keep your bike covered if you do not have a garage. It will be very difficult for a thief to assess the complexity of stealing it if they do not even know what bike is underneath the cover. You can also put a Suzuki cover on your Harley to create the impression that you have a different bike; one that is less likely to be stolen.

Steering Lock
Even though a steering lock is easily defeated, it will act as the first defense. It is even better to have a lock on your ignition as well. Two locks is better than one.

Keep Your Lock Up
No matter what type of lock you use, do not keep it rested on the ground. A thief will be able to obtain enough leverage to destroy the lock and steal your bike. Always make sure your lock is attached through the bike's frame.

Disc Locks
Utilizing this type of lock will prevent a motorcycle from being lifted up into waiting truck or van. An even better idea would be to add a cable and anchor the bike to something strong and solid. Make sure you lock your bike even when it is in your garage.

Use More Than One Lock
In addition to the lock that your bike comes with, you should use two additional, different locks. A thief will likely nor be prepared for breaking three total locks...all of which are different.

You Get What You Pay For
Don't buy a lock just because it is less expensive. Buy the good stuff, i.e. asymmetrical chains, alarmed disc locks, U-locks, etc..

Be Tricky
Install a kill-switch that must be pressed whenever the start button is depressed. You can even remove your main fuse when your bike is parked.

Lock Numbers
Right the numbers of your lock down and store it somewhere safe. Then file the numbers off your lock. Anyone can get a key cut to fit with a number.

Parking in a Luminated Area
When parking your bike at night, make sure you leave it in a well lit area. You should even consider putting an alarm sticker on your bike.

Unfortunately, nowadays people don't even flinch when an alarm goes off. We suggest that you rig your bike up in a manner that will trip some beer bottles or other type of glass to break in the even that your bike is moved from its parked position.

Keep a Watchful Eye
Thieves will typically see the bike they want on the road. They will then follow you home and size-up the situation and formulate a plan for stealing your bike. Therefore, as you approach your destination, particularly your home, check your surroundings and make sure no one is tailing you. If you think that someone is following, pass your destination the first time and continue driving. Go back around again. If you are still being followed, drive to the police.

If you are buying a new bike via financing, having a good GAP Insurance policy will protect your investment in the event that your bike is stolen.

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